Police witnesses

After assessing the protest, the borough police commander called in a police helicopter and The Territorial Support Group. When questioned during the trial about such an extraordinarily disproportionate response, she admitted she hadn’t policed a public protest event since the Poll Tax Riots 27 years ago.The TSG inspector said he had offered her three levels of response, and after she had chosen the most aggressive he then briefed his men to put on riot gear. However given the option he believed his communication skills were such that he could have dispersed a peaceful protest without recourse to force. In her account of the meeting the borough police commander remembered only their joint decision to ‘bubble’ the immigration van by force in order to extricate it.


The Borough Commander


The TSG inspector


This TSG officer saw missiles being thrown at the immigration van including large stones. We all watched the CCTV and police helicopter film footage again and again. They were invisible – no wonder the van was unmarked.


This TSG officer proved surprisingly amenable to Questioning from J’s counsel Lucy Wibberley.


Several large Alsation dogs were deployed as part of the ‘bubble’ charge. This police dog handler admitted that his 40 kg dog was out of control.


A veteran of many protest trials, this police liaison officer often wore a three-piece tweed suit. Was he in mufti? If not, where was his shooting stick?


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